One ship, four years, five oceans – and a single mission: on the PANGAEA, the adventurer and visionary Mike Horn with his crew is travelling between October 2008 and Fall 2012 on a mission targeted to environmental protection. In twelve different regions around the globe, Mike Horn and his team take on environmental and social projects on land and on the water.

As partner and main sponsor, Mercedes-Benz is underscoring its commitment to sustainability. Roth & Lorenz is developing and coordinating all national and international communications for the brand with the star.


Roth & Lorenz is advising and supporting Mercedes-Benz in the areas of press work and events, for national and international communications for the PANGAEA sustainability project. Working together with worldwide Mercedes-Benz subsidiaries along the route Mike Horn is travelling with his ship, Roth & Lorenz is organising and implementing exclusive events for customers and journalists onboard the PANGAEA. In 2011, events in Shanghai, Vancouver and California took place, including a press trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Roth & Lorenz is also responsible for supporting activities such as TV coop programs, publications in special-interest media, and project integration with other Mercedes-Benz areas.

In 2012, two further expeditions are planned – to Brazil and East-Africa. As well, a big closing celebration will be held in Monaco – where the PANGAEA Expedition 2008 officially began.




Roth & Lorenz supports Mike Horn’s team worldwide with communications for the PANGAEA sustainability project.